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Medical Monitor
Aug 25, 2016

Medical monitors and medical industries using high-definition, high brightness of display. PACS technology of increasingly mature and universal, and various digital image equipment as DR, and CR, and more row CT, and 3D image, rapid development, medical with display of purchase configuration into has hospital and PACS integrated business concern of focus, due to medical with display in digital system in the, is medical image of eventually rendering who, it hosted with alternative film, and guarantee image quality, and eventually achieved doctor "soft read tablets" on patients of observation and diagnosis. PACS System, requires that all medical display requires consistency and integrity.

And ordinary monitor differences

And ordinary monitor application of different technical parameters requirements are different, the following comparison according to the parameters:

Supports standard DICOM PART14

A professional medical monitor must support the DICOM PART14 standard, meaning that must have the ability to adjust DICOM standard curves, making it consistent with DICOM standard, so as to ensure the quality of image display.

Regular dimensions: screen size is expressed in diagonal, usually in inches normal monitor mainstream sizes 15 ", 17", 19 ";

Medical display common sizes 18 ", 20", 21 ", similar to the size of x film.

Support grayscale: grey scale characteristics of medical images in black and white is very important, it reflects black and white images between levels

Gray-scale display graphics support, medical special displays shall be equipped with a dedicated graphics card;

A normal monitor: 8bit-256 gray scale used to display color images, grayscale-free requirements, using common graphics cards;

Medical display: 10 bit-1024 gray scale used to display x-ray gray-scale image, associated with the diagnosis, requirements: 10bit11bit (1024*2048 grey). Support BBS features (the steady brightness control)

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