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Medical Display Stability
Aug 25, 2016

Compared to conventional monitors, medical grayscale monitors are more expensive. We hope that the service life of over 5 years. Be it CRT monitor or LCD monitor, the brightness will decay over time. General display life of attenuation when the brightness to maximum brightness is the definition of 50% of the time. Liquid crystal display, this time about 30,000 to 50,000 hours even in life time, brightness is not the same every day. So from time to time (about three to six months), the display brightness and grayscale correction needs to be done to ensure consistency of the display. If the display number is also quite a lot of work. More advanced display has a sensor that can detect changes in the brightness of the display and automatically adjust. the display brightness stability at all times within the life. The brightness of the LCD monitor is not very stable. Its brightness varies with temperature. now display has a sensor that can detect changes in the brightness of the display adjusts automatically. This can save a lot of manpower.

LCD in just when brightness is not immediately set the brightness is reached. After about 20-30 minutes before it reaches the set brightness. This brightness does not reach set time for Peugeot, the display is not suitable for diagnostic use. Users often stop using for other displays, after a period of time, the screen saver starts. Monitor power is off. It is good to prolong monitor was appointed to. But when users started using the monitor, again, the display is just turned on and temperature time to wait 20-30 minutes. As a result, it is quite easy to use. If you turn off the screen saver, and reduced service life. Therefore, fish and bear's paw, not man. Well-designed displays, with a built-in sensor, detects when you turn on brightness. If the brightness is not up to standard, then increase the power supply voltage, the display reaches the preset brightness within 30 seconds. As a result, is not waiting for the temperature and time and idle time to start the screen saver, and prolong monitor life.

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