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Aug 25, 2016

Is a complete display LCD TV wall unit, which can be used as a monitor separately and spliced into a large screen. Depending on demand, variable even a small variety of big-screen features: single segment display, screen show, any combination of display, full-screen mosaic, portrait display, optional compensation or cover image border, roaming, zoom, stretch, that supports digital signal cross-screen display, show plans for setting up and running, full HD signal real-time processing.

Composition and structure

DID is short for Digital Information Display. Is Samsung electronic launched of new LCD displayed technology, widely application Yu industries (hydropower production scheduling, military command, city management, mining security, environment monitoring, fire meteorological maritime, command system) of security monitoring, (Government enterprise video conference, financial securities, airport metro Mall hotel pass fast information, of) information released, (theatre sports venues Expo rally concert Party media advertising, of) show system and displayed equipment of commercial rental, field of LCD display in the. As part of its unique display technology with common difference improved liquid crystal molecular alignment of liquid crystal display structure, can be placed horizontal-vertical ceiling. High brightness, high definition, super long life and stable operation, low maintenance costs. DID LCD screen with high resolution, full screen mode provides the customer with a super high resolution, large display area of the LCD screen.

DID liquid crystal display system consists of three main components, namely tiled display wall-screen splicing processor and signal source. Multi-screen processor is the core of key technologies, support different pixel image on a large-screen display wall display and on the large-screen display wall any window, zoom across the screen of the window navigation display.

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