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Aug 25, 2016

Arranged in a molecular classification

According to the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules, common LCD monitors are divided into: narrow-angle TN-LCD,STN-LCD,DSTN-LCD; IPS,VA,FFS wide angle.

TN-LCD,STN-LCD and DSTN-LCD are the three of them show the same principle, just the skew angle of liquid crystal molecules are different.

TN: twisted nematic (Twisted Nematic) liquid crystal molecules twisted angle of 90 degrees. TN is the market's most mainstream LCD models, are widely used in entry-level and midrange Panel. Common performance indicators is not a natural malady color viewing angle. TN Panel seen on the market are modified TN+film,film that compensation film, used to compensate for inadequate viewing angle TN Panel, says TN panel over the front two panels where is due to his more ash output class, the liquid crystal molecules deflected speed, response time can improve it, 8ms LCD products on the market are using TN panels. In General is evident is the advantages and disadvantages of the TN panel products, cheap, response time can meet the game's requirements to make its advantages, not ideal viewing angle and color not true it is a distinct disadvantage

STN: Super Twisted Nematic (Super TN) TN and STN type display principle is similar s meaning is Super, or torsion angle of liquid crystal molecules increase, 180 degrees or 270 degrees, and achieve a better effect (increased contrast).

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