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LCD Monitor Early Development
Aug 25, 2016

All along, the pursuit of a more perfect vision is the goal of our desktop display device, recalls display technology development process, we can find that it revolves around the same theme-"the pursuit of better human eye visual comfort"!

As a sudden new products in recent years, LCD monitors have completely replaced the bulky CRT monitors as the mainstream display devices. However, the LCD development road is not as easy as we thought. Below, we review LCD development with new and old users of arduous road of twists and turns.

Early development of LCD (1986~2001)-high costs inhibit the development of immature technology early, LCD is mainly used in digital watches, calculators and other fields. We usually say that the LCD, in English known as the Liquid Crystal Display, literal translation into English is liquid crystal display, LCD for short.

Liquid crystal is a substance almost completely transparent. Its molecular arrangement determines the path of light through the LCD. In the 1960 of the 20th century, it was discovered that liquid crystal molecular arrangement of charging will change it, turn the twist or refraction of light, this idea has sparked the invention of liquid-crystal display device.

In the early 1970 of the 20th century in the world's first liquid crystal display device, it is known as TN-LCD (twisted nematic) liquid crystal display. Although monochrome, it continued to be extended to digital watches, calculators and other fields.

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