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LCD Display Product Specifications
Aug 25, 2016

Space size

Space, is an industrial designer in the field of a significant factor to consider. From the 6.4-inch to 70 inch LCD display the current range of manufacturers in the production.


Good visibility is a bright spot for LCD display. In industrial applications need to be under a strong light on the monitor, supports a clear and precise Visual effects from various perspectives. Most of the industrial environment is an environment surrounded by bright light, which challenges the visibility of the display.

Environment brighter, the more difficult the delivery of LCD, standard because people can read luminance in 250~300cd/square meters. Some LCD makers are trying to extend the range to more than 450cd/square meters. But these indicate a need for additional energy and this is not the best solution. In addition the brightness level is not enough to play a role in very bright environments.

At present, many manufacturers have highlight LCD do more than 1800cd/square meters, which treasures many military LCD technology are more than 2000cd/square meters.

In a typical industrial environment, the operator prefers to monitor rather than a positive angle in a bevel.

Therefore, a picture from a different angle (up, down, left and right before and after), look at pictures and little or no distortion or color change is very important. Especially in a consumer application for display settings don't work very well, because the picture may not or cannot see of the bevel.

Some techniques were used to improve the LCD on the angle of viewing. Based on movie technology usually in the upper 80 °, under 60 °, 80 ° to the left and right 80 °. These angles are sufficient for many applications, but some applications may require a larger perspective.

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