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City Image Representation, Outdoor Advertising Machine Needs What Characteristics
Dec 28, 2016

In recent years, outdoor advertising machine showed rapid development trend, with high brightness, strong visual impact, wide viewing angle and superior color reproduction and other advantages, quickly "conquest" under the streets all over the city. As a very promising outdoor media, outdoor advertising machine to create a unique value of communication has become a new era under the city's business card, and serve as a display of commercial vitality of the city, endorsed the city's modern spirit of the carrier.

In order to meet the city's commercial use needs, Zhongxin recently launched a series of outdoor outdoor advertising machine new products, the product has to be able to use the harsh temperature and environmental conditions, reliable performance, and has the best clarity to perfect the most attractive eyeball Of the information and content.

 Visibility is very important in the presentation of outdoor advertising, especially in the light and haze environment, the poor visibility of the monitor will lose its role in the dissemination of information. Therefore, the outdoor display screen to ensure that the display of information visibility, "high brightness" has become an outdoor display essential elements.

    Zhongxin outdoor advertising machine has 2500 nit high brightness and 5000: 1 contrast ratio, even in high brightness environment, can also clearly display the content. Built-in automatic brightness sensor can adjust the light to adapt to the surrounding environment, reducing the manual operation of the trouble and expenses. At the same time, Zhuo where the use of reflective glass advertising reflector cancellation technology to eliminate the reflection from the glass panel to make the picture more brilliant and clear, and polarized light processing technology allows customers wearing polarized glasses can see the screen in the information . This integration ensures an all-in-one connection, reducing the time and cost of traditional content management and installation operations.

Dust and water protection for long-term use

    In addition, the outdoor advertising machine due to exposure to outdoor, often need to face rain and snow, wind, temperature and other environmental damage, therefore, if the extension of product life, the product also requires high-level protection capabilities. Outdoor display protection performance is also the manufacturers and engineering units and the use of units of concern.

    It is understood that the outdoor series monitors can adapt to harsh temperatures and environmental conditions, in any outdoor environment can be easily installed and can continue to use. Each outdoor display is equipped with a built-in temperature control system to protect the stability of minus 30 degrees to 50 degrees between the performance for the user to reduce the temperature adjustment of the huge expenses. At the same time, Zhongxin outdoor display with waterproof and dustproof design, outdoor series of monitors to IP56 protection level, to achieve high-quality performance in a variety of environments.

From the strengthening of public transport systems to facilitate public travel to the use of street furniture and works of art to create a new urban public space, outdoor advertising machine presents exciting content in various ways to make the city a more suitable place for people to live, work and travel , People outdoors these features showed a very positive view. According to the Outlook Industry Research Institute released the "2016-2020 China outdoor advertising industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" shows that in the first half of 2016, the Chinese mainland put the total amount of 80 billion yuan of outdoor advertising, with the first half of 2015 the same period , Up 15.8%. The Zhongxin upcoming where outdoor advertising machine will become a new army in outdoor displays, outdoor advertising more perfect power presentatio





Comparative Analysis of Air –cooling and Air - conditioning in Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising and indoor products, the main difference is the use of different environments. In outdoor, outdoor environment must be considered, such as: wind and rain, summer hot weather exposure, the winter ultra-low temperature freezing, so that pure outdoor advertising machine, in addition to outdoor highlighting high-definition screen should also include: waterproof structure of the shell, Low and too high when heating and cooling, dust, moisture and other functions.

    Based on cost considerations, many advertising manufacturers will choose or recommend the use of air-cooled system. Zhongxin believes that air conditioning with cooling and heating integration features, not only solve the problem of heat, but also can make advertising work environment and external completely isolated, completely solve the internal dust, moisture, to ensure that the outdoor advertising screen, motherboard and other components is always In the best working environment, is the most suitable for outdoor advertising machine micro-environment control system.

    Now, we will be two advantages and disadvantages of the temperature control system for comparison.

Wind-cooled advantages:

1. Energy-saving, compared to air conditioning, air-cooled power consumption less

2. The cost is relatively low

Air-cooled disadvantage

1. advertising machine internal temperature is higher than the external environment temperature 5 , the summer will appear before the screen temperature is higher than 50 or even part of the black screen. (To highlight the original does not warranty)

2. Winter arctic region can not solve the heating problem

3. Advertising machine internal cooling fan long-term high-temperature working environment, and the number of high failure rate.

4. More outdoor dust, easy to dust

5. can not stop the entry of moist air, moisture can not be resolved

6. Can not monitor remotely

Air conditioning advantages:

1. According to the need to set the internal temperature, cooling + heating one, so that the advertising machine is always in the best working environment (32 ~ 35 )

2. Advertising machine internal and external completely isolated, completely solve the dust problem.

3. Air conditioning itself has dehumidification air conditioning, and the internal space and external isolation, so there is no moisture problem?

4. With standard interface, remote monitoring and setting parameters?

Inadequate air conditioning:

1. Cost is relatively high (in the refrigeration has been working to reduce costs, to help customers improve competitiveness, air conditioning prices have been substantially reduced)

2. Power consumption is slightly larger than air-cooled

      Therefore, Zhongxin outdoor advertising machine to remind customers: the use of air conditioning as outdoor advertising machine temperature control system, the initial investment is relatively high air-cooled system, but can reduce the advertising machine failure rate, extend equipment life, the overall operating costs , More air-cooled advantage. If the external conditions are not very bad, air-cooled can meet, then we choose air-cooled. How to change the outdoor conditions, from a long-term point of view, select the air conditioning temperature control system is the right way.

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